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Paul Bellis: Background and Philosophy

Paul hails from Ontario, Canada. He spent his early adult years in Los Angeles, California, where he first encountered Chinese Medicine. Thoroughly impressed with this healing art and way of life, he eventually enrolled for a full course of study of Chinese Medicine and earned his Masters degree in Acupuncture at Yo San University where he received instruction from distinguished teachers and practitioners. Paul studied ancient classical philosophies and healing art techniques in addition to the standards of TCM curriculum. 

Approach to Classical Chinese Medicine

In 1999, Paul became certified through the National Certification for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Paul has been licensed through the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners since 2000, when he began his practice in Portland, Oregon. Paul's primary place of practice is in the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood in Northeast Portland on NE 43rd and Fremont Street. He also began a secondary practice in 2003 at the Pearl Health Center. In addition to his private practice he spent a number of years volunteering hours at Outside In working in their acupuncture clinic. More recently he has begun spending time providing clinical supervision to acupuncture students in the Classical Chinese Medicine program at NCNM.

Paul's treatment approach is to use acupuncture to assist in nurturing the body's ability to adapt appropriately to the internal and external stresses encountered in the course of living. He considers treatment to be interactive and encourages open discussion, often providing tips on nutrition, Qi development, exercise, and what to expect from seasonal changes. Paul believes in the healing potential within all of us and has found Chinese Medicine to provide many excellent tools to tap into that essential potential.

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