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Sincere interest in the individual. 

"Paul Bellis is an amazing acupuncturist. His approach includes warmth, humor, and sincere interest in the individual. His great sense of humor causes laughter and healing beyond a dry, clinical approach to health. I leave treatments feeling enlightened, hopeful, and balanced."

– Summer

Humor and compassion. 

"In a nutshell, Paul Bellis is a gifted acupuncturist. He not only has extensive knowledge and experience as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, Paul is deeply committed to helping his patients achieve their ultimate potential. He listens without judgment, and while he can be brutally honest, his approach always includes great humor and extraordinary compassion. Paul is generous with his knowledge and time, and four years ago turned an acupuncture skeptic into a true believer. He's a holistic healer, a teacher, an herbalist, a Tai Qi instructor and acupuncturist extraordinaire. Above all, he teaches self-directed healing and emphasizes the power of the mind-body connection for achieving complete health. Through his acupuncture and counsel, I'm learning to appreciate 'the stillness of true self-discovery and awareness.' He transformed my life. Thank you, Paul."

– Linda 

Not just looking for quick fixes?  Paul is your man.

"Paul Bellis is a thoughtful - holistic practitioner. Initially I was skeptical of acupuncture in general, being a westerner and all. But I think Paul helped me with my own prejudices more so than anything. Immediately put me at ease, I have been more open to ideas that are taken for granted and not challenged. He is one of the best listeners a person could have. He is worth every penny. If you are in need of exploring your own health with guidance and not just looking for quick fixes, Paul is your man."

– D.

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